What you can do in Nassau Paradise Island

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Water Activities

What’s the best for water activities in here is the colour of the water, beautiful turquoise. You should enjoy that!

Dolphin Cay, Atlantis

Aquaventure, Atlantis

This has: water slides, rolling rapids, a water-play fort. The size is over 141 acre! Can you believe that?

Enjoy playing on these water areas with your kid! They loved it.

Sometimes, we need to bought camera with us to get all of what we experience with us, and no matter what you said, having a camera is a heavy duty. It’s literally heavy.. Sometimes we just need phone that good for record and take photo.

That’s being said, I recommend use Samsung S8, or S9 cause that will gives you the best experience. Not to mention the feature of it’s phone. It can record you and your kid in slow motion.. You’d love it! This phone is heavily used by phone vlogger when they go to travel, or having fun. It also can be said as one of the best phone for vlogging.

Anyway, no matter what you want to use, either camera or phone, don’t forget to record your moment with your family there. Or you will regret it.

Spas & Relaxation

Experience ancient Balinese healing techniques, and traditional European therapies.

And many more that you can do in Nassau Paradise Island.

This place is like a heaven for family.

Actually, not only family, but I kind of a family man that likes all things for families and quality time. That’s why I just showing a couple of them.

There are much more you can do in this place, find out here.